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 Don't Be a Loser and Get Your Ex Back Now - This Will Pull Your Ex Back Fast So You Can Finally Win =)

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PostSubject: Don't Be a Loser and Get Your Ex Back Now - This Will Pull Your Ex Back Fast So You Can Finally Win =)   Tue Jun 09, 2009 5:12 am

Do you spend day and night freaking out over not having your ex? wooohh.. msyma n un... Does life just seem absolutely pathetic without your ex? Do you feel like your ex is your life, and that it all ended when the breakup happened? nrnsan k n un , but there is definitely no reason to be a loser about it, and by that I mean why are you losing out on getting your ex back? Instead of moping about sadly everyday, bakit hndi k gmwa ng paraan pra bmlik sya??

1.Apologize to your ex-Apologize, because in some cases that is all your ex wanted, was just for you to take your ego down and admit you were wrong... tama?? dada
2.Thank him/her for the break up- Yes, admit your mistakes, Thanking your ex for the breakup is a psychological tactic, through which you will agree with your ex, but at the same time it will make your ex consider getting you back.
f m pride kau.. u cant to this.. rew

The reason it works is because deep down inside your ex will wonder if you are more free now, and more happy since the breakup. Your ex will then ask think to themselves that he/she was holding you back in the relationship. This will then make your ex feel guilty, and this feeling will prompt your ex to want to prove to you that he/she can still make you happy.

You will notice your ex suddenly approaching you in a more open manner, and trying to ensure that you are OK now. However, you can put a cherry on the master plan, by beginning to date again. This will make your ex so wild to get you back, because he/she won't be able to manage the idea of you with someone else on top of the guilt he/she feels.

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Don't Be a Loser and Get Your Ex Back Now - This Will Pull Your Ex Back Fast So You Can Finally Win =)
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